Welcome to TCI

What is Therapeutic Clowns International (TCI)                                     

Therapeutic Clowns International (TCI) is a philanthropic organization dedicated to enriching the lives of hospitalized, critically ill and disenfranchised children internationally. TCI was established with the intent of sharing the profession and best practices of therapeutic clowning within Canada, outside our borders, into acute care populations and areas of conflict. We seek to expand therapeutic clown programming, training, program sustainability in partnership with interdisciplinary health care teams in hospitals and related facilities.


To bring therapeutic clown specialists to vulnerable people internationally through gentle play and humour today – bringing hope for a healthier tomorrow


  • To relieve stress and anxiety for hospitalized and at risk populations and their families through therapeutic clowning

  • To promote, develop, support and sustain therapeutic clowns with the intention to restore, maintain and improve mental, physical and emotional wellness for people with health care challenges

  • To offer opportunities for Canadian Therapeutic Clown Professionals to workshop and exchange skills with peers nationally and internationally through training and mentoring


Our intention is to expand the skills, awareness and knowledge of the profession of therapeutic clowning; initiate therapeutic clowns into established or new therapeutic clown programs; explore and collaborate on partnerships with a wide range of philanthropic and complementary organizations; develop strategies for sustainability