Our TCI Therapeutic Clown and friend, Lucy Ibarra, ‘Princesa’ was getting
married! The day before the wedding, November 6th, Lucy, as Manager of
Special Events, invited Therapeutic Clowns International (TCI) to present
with her, the profession of therapeutic clowning to approximately 100 of
her colleagues at CRIT, The Centre for Rehabilitation for Children… See full

In 2011, TCI led a workshop for the Cuban children’s theatre La Colmenita and the following year they were invited by and implemented a workshop for the health minister of Cuba, training Psychologists, Occupational Therapists and professional clowns. Lucy Ibarra was one of the enthusiastic participants who attended and became inspired.

Under the mentorship of Joan Barrington, Lucy brought the skills she
learned at the two workshops in Cuba with her when she moved
to Mexico. With the support of TCI initiatives already in place, she
began to teach and then partner with professional artists in the city of
Hermosillo, Sonora. The interest led to the training of three more
clowns who learned the sensibilities and intricacies of becoming
therapeutic clown practitioners.

The program that Lucy started has extended to senior care at
FIVE facilities in the city. Residents, families and staff are
witnessing the transformation that laughter and the re- discovery of
lost play is bringing to a very often isolating and lonely environment.

In July of 2014, a funding grant was attained through the city of
Hermosillo supporting the work of TCI. Arts and culture are highly
regarded in this country and credibility around the overlap of clowning
as therapy through the arts validates our continued work.